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At Thieving Harry's we are passionate about good stuff and that good stuff includes coffee. Working side by side with a local specialty roaster, The Blending Room, we are continuously striving to keep our coffee at the forefront of Hull’s developing coffee scene. Our baristas use their passion and knowledge to continuously pursue the art of espresso making. 


We ensure that our milk is always fresh, our equipment is spotless and we drink and taste our coffee all the time.



We use a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system that purifies and enhances our water to ensure every coffee is extracted with the best water possible.


It's all about time, ratios and proportions. Coffee beans react to the their surrounds just like everything else. Changes in temperature, ratio of water to coffee and the extraction time, have a dramatic effect on the coffee's taste and aroma. It's our baristas job to recognise these changes and provide a recipe that allows for the perfect brewing ratio. Please ask about our daily brewing ratio and recipe.



We use The Blending Room, Hull's only specialist micro roaster, for a seasonally changing house blend for espresso based beverages. We also operate a brew bar with a weekly rotation of single origin guest beans.


Come in and feel free to ask us any questions that you have. We hope you enjoy your coffee.






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